CityYogiUK is a small charity providing free yoga classes and low cost events to workers and commuters of the City of London and surrounding areas. We believe City Yogi UK bridges the gap on wellbeing by enabling students, affected by the rising costs of living, to commit to their yoga practice.

This initiative started in 2016, reaching hundreds of students ranging from single mums, City folk and plus 50s, most of whom otherwise would not have had an affordable option to invest in their wellbeing.

For our teachers, it’s fulfilling to see the progress of students as the free format allows one to commit; this concept of commitment has somewhat disappeared from studios, where often students now come and go depending on their cashflow. City Yogi aims to bring this commitment back in an accessible format.

In 2019 we had one of our first students from the free community classes start her teacher training and have fostered new teachers by providing fulfilling volunteering and teaching opportunities.


‘…in London after the move it was the only thing I could and loved to do for the first 2 months, I would’ve not been able to afford the peace of mind the Free Yoga in Angel classes provided, when I look back I couldn’t have made it through that transition phase without it.’ Latitia, London

‘…I haven’t been able to stretch my body properly since the accident, the Free Yoga in Angel classes changed that, I’ve learned how to move better giving me confidence besides being affordable and inclusive.’ Retired MoD staff, London

‘…thank you so much for the amazing Weekend Retreat with yoga classes, long walks… I feel so relaxed.’ Camille, London


Thank you to the following companies and people for donating their products or time to our affordable yoga initiatives.

Goodies Bags: Rituals, Spritz Wellness, Shlurple

Guest teachers and assistants during public events: Jonelle Lewis, Lucy, Alison Coles, Ilaria.

Wellbeing professionals donating their time at our pop-up events:

Sabrina Piergrossi – allergy clearing meditation, reiki and group sessions