2019 Weekend Yoga Retreat

Fri-Sun 7-9Jun 2019 Eastbourbe, East Sussex

Fun – relaxed and open to all levels – including expecting mums.

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Corporate classes

email us CityYogiUK@gmail.com

We provide affordable yoga for your office and your students donations helps us continue to run the charity which provides free classes in London. We manage all the booking via Eventbrite on private events you can easily track on your mobile.

Free Yoga in Angel – Wed

Wednesdays – Studio A at Urdang2 

7.30pm – Yin/Yang Yoga
45 min Slow Flow and 15 min Yin

Past Events 

Saturday 14 Apr 18 – Sat noon – #IslingtonInBloom #DuncanTerraceGardens

Sundays at  noon – @RamseyFlowersN1
08 Apr, 06 May, 10 Jun, 01 Jul 2018
Open to all levels and in collaboration with RamseyFlowersN1 and Islington Council


Hot Yoga Teacher Traning – Triyoga, Camden

CityYogi.co.uk  is a non-profit initiative and in order to streamline costs it now uses License-free music shared under a Creative Commons license or has obtained permission to use tracks during its free community events. And in doing so it acknowledges the following artists’ gift and gesture in the spirit of cooperation for the benefit of the human experience:

East Forest – Love Bomb

Meditative MindChakra Meditation Music

Maya Fiennes – Kundalini Mantras

Call Me Maybe
Writer(s):  Jepsen, Carly Rae / Ramsay, Joshua Keeler /Crowe, Tavish Joseph.

 The Safety Dance
Writer(s): Ivan Doroschuk – Copyright: Songs Of Polygram, Betty Songs, Universal.

Is The End of The World as We Know It
Writer(s): Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) – Label: I.R.S., 1987

Writer: Williams, Pharrell for ‘Despicable Me 2’ – Copyright: Warner Bros

Artist: Esthero

A Very Cellular Song
Artist: The incredible String Band

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